I offer individual mental health counseling and group psychotherapy for adults and families, as well as Pet Grief and Loss Counseling. Standard individual sessions last for 45 minutes. Group psychotherapy sessions usually last for 60-90 minutes.

Individual Therapy

I specialize in the following areas, but am not limited to:

Group Therapy

Groups are designed to help you meet with the counselor and others in a trusting environment. It is a time of sharing, learning and relating to others dealing with similar concerns. Groups provide the opportunity for us to discuss thoughts, feeling and ideas with one another. Group therapy can help provide participants with insight and hope. Groups typically have about 6-8 members.

Groups now forming in:

Contact Anne Marie if interested and for more information

Group Presentations and / or Individual Therapy for Animal Care Providers

You make a difference in the life of animals and pet owners, and you love what you do, but emotional stress can be exhausting and overwhelming at times. Veterinary staff, shelter workers, volunteers… if you work with animals on a regular basis, you may experience compassion fatigue — a gradual lessening of compassion over time as a response to continual exposure to emotional trauma and loss. If this is happening to you, what can you do? Everyone deals with it differently and it is OK to ask for help. Whether it's a group presentation, or individual therapy, you can learn how to manage stress so as to minimize the effects of compassion fatigue.

Contact Anne Marie for more information and become acquainted with the options available to help you or your staff.

Pet Loss Support Group

Pet Loss Support Group

In this group, we work together to understand the human-animal bond and the impact on your life, explore the nature of grief, and provide you with an opportunity to share your story, honor your pet's memory, and nurture yourself.

Groups form on an ongoing basis with 2-5 people. They are held on Mondays 5:30 - 7:00 p.m. If there is sufficient demand, groups can be held in the afternoon as well.

These groups are now done on a secure online platform. No in-person groups are available at this time.

Individual Counseling is also available with Anne Marie. She is also available to speak on pet grief and loss for your group or organization.

Call Anne Marie at 585-615-5492 for more information or to register.

Anne Marie Farage-Smith, LMHC
$175 (4 Weeks)
Advance Registration & Payment Required.

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